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Our Teaching Department provides a range of educational courses that are adapated to the needs of each student. With the objective of offering teaching at various levels with all means of support. This website is designed to provide an effective tool and the necessary assistance in order to study the different areas of assisted

reproduction. Our teaching model is based on the personal development of each student via face to face classes onsite or online which are given by the best international experts. In this section we will answer the different overall management questions that can arise using this website platform.

How can I enroll for a course that I am interested in?

The inscription for a particular course can be completed online. In order to enroll, the student can pick the course that they are interested in attending by clicking the option "inscribe" .
To register for IVI Global Education you must provide your email address: What is the next step?

To register for an IVI Global Education course the system will send an email message to you with a link so that you continue the registration process. In some instances the message might be sent to unwanted message box or go into a spam folder, please check these boxes in your email.
Can I obtain a refund for the course if I can't attend ?

There's no problem if you can't attend the course, we will keep the registration fee for the next session of the course or for another course which might be of interest. If you have a justifiable reason not to attend, the registration fee will be refunded in full.
What happens if I can't attend a course for which I am registered?

When you know that you can't attend a course for which you are registered it's important to advise us via email : incidencias.docencia@ivirma.com so that we can offer your place to someone else.
How can I access the teaching sessions for a course I am interested in enrolling for?

The sessions and the timetable for each course are published alongside the information pertaining to each course, if this isn't the case, please send a message to incidencias.docencia@ivirma.com and we will try to provide you with the up to date information as soon as possible.
What is the meaning of the message; "Access denied to download diploma"?

This message can appear for two reasons:

- If the student has registered for a course which they still haven't attended, the message "permitted diploma" will not appear until a few days after the student has attended and completed the course satisfactorily.

- If the student has attended the course and this message still appears after a few days, this means that the Course Co Ordinator has still not validated the course diplomas, in this instance, please contact the Teaching Department(incidencias.docencia@ivirma.com)
Where can I access the diploma for attending a course?

At the end of a course you have the option of downloading a diploma online via the IVI Global Education Website. You can access this via your student session after answering a quality questionnaire.